When is Sky Day?
International Sky Day is an annual celebration of our sky held on or around the September equinox. This year Sky Day is September 20 but don’t let the date worry you. Everyday is a great day for a Sky Day and people are hosting Sky Days throughout the year. Our projects are available 24/7 and 365 so host a Sky Day any day that works for you.

What is Sky Day?

Sky Days are about connecting our communities to climate and sky and to each other. We tend to care about things we understand and feel connected to. It has never been more important to care about climate and sky.

International Sky Day is September 20 every year and is celebrated worldwide. But don’t let the date worry you. Everyday is a great Sky Day and people are having Sky Days throughout the year. So host a Sky day whenever is best for you.

caring can lead to protecting A day when schools and communities reflect on how beautiful our sky is - beautiful not just to look at but in the way it supports all life and protects us from the harshness of space. A day to reflect on how dynamic it is and how it connects us all as one global family, living and breathing under one shared sky.

it isn’t just something way on high above us but something all around us. In our homes and in our schools. It’s the air we breathe and the water we drink. And yet, our sky is amazingly thin. And we think about despite the fact it looks down here as if it goes on forever and froever amazingly thin our sky is . as astronaut Nicole Stohow our sky truly connects us all as one global family, living and breathing under one shared sky. and celebrations of our magnificent sky september 20 are interdisciplinary celebrations of our magnificent sky. A day when communities and individuals all over the world make art about it. Do science about it. Talk about how it functions, what it’s vulnerabilities are and how our sky connects us all as one global family. How will you celebrate Sky Day? Here are some suggestions:



Sky Day Project is a citizen artwork in which people all over the world use their creativity to show they care about our magnificent sky and want to come together across cultures and borders to protect it for the benefit of all. The artwork is interactive and full of interesting educational content. So Join in!. Sky Day Project has been exhibited at art museums, schools, planetariums and botanical gardens all over the world. We even installed Sky Day Project on the International Space Station!

Say it like you see it

Students respond to art about environment

This idea from John C. who teaches science to high schoolers. His students really enjoyed changing gears for a day and talking about art. Ask your students to search the web for art that deals with sky, climate change or the environment in some way. Then ask them to show a slide of it in class and talk about it for three minutes. How do you respond to it? No rules! And lots of appreciation for whatever they have to say.
This idea works just as well with old masters as it does with contemporary art.

Observation grid employed by Whitehouse for painting Watch a.jpg

A call to musicians and singers worldwide

‘Unclouded Day’. The New Trier Concert Choir directed by David S. Ladd. (2 min. 30s.)

Nothing moves us like music. So this Sky Day use your talents to celebrate our precious, dynamic sky and the way it connects us all as one global family.

Have a Sustainability Fair

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 11.20.34 AM.png

Calling all community leaders! Sky Days and Sky Day weekends are excellent times to hold a beautiful event. So bring your community together to talk about the importance climate and sky. And be sure to invite your local artists to take part. They care too :)

Shoot for the Moon

Learn how to take awesome night sky pictures using a DSLR camera!

Nick and Meredith of Chicago's great Adler Planetarium show you how to take awesome night sky photos using a DSLR camera! Upload YOURS to the Adler Planetarium Gallery in SkyDayProject!
We can't wait to see them! Music by the amazing Jim and the Povolos!

Express yourself
in a sky-ku

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.28.25 AM.png

While a poem cannot scrub away the pollution in our atmosphere no-one should underestimate the power of ideas. Sky-ku are inspired by haiku and are a beautiful way to express your thoughts and feelings about our amazing shared sky. Do you Sky-ku? Find out!  Learn more


Take a Sky Walk!

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.09.04 PM.png

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. So maybe all you need to do is assemble students, friends and family and go for a walk together. Is there somewhere near you where you can share an awesome view of the sky? And while you do notice together how every day is a unique symphony of light and atmosphere unfolding right above our heads. Maybe ask the group to share a memory of when they once noticed the sky in some special way. Take a moment to reflect on how much we rely on our thin atmosphere functioning naturally every day. Doesn’t it only stand to reason we should take care of it for each other?



What does the sky mean to you?

Share your thoughts. The world needs to hear from you. #skydayproject