Why is the sky blue? Why does the sky matter?



Sky Day is September 20!

Sky Day is an interdisciplinary CELEBRATION of our magnificent sky! A day when we make art about it. Do science about it. We talk about how it functions, what it’s vulnerabilities are and how it connects us all as one global family. So get ready to celebrate Sky Day with your community Learn more.

Take part in Sky Day Project!

Stop for a moment, look up and reflect on what our one, shared sky means to us all while you document it’s dynamic changes in photography. Then join people worldwide who right now are posting their sky photos to skydayproject.org. Last September Sky Day Project went out of this world. Literally! Check out our installation on the International Space Station.

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Our Mission

 Inspiring educational engagements on global sustainability.

Our Goals

It is time to change the way we talk about climate change. The current approach isn’t working unless you are satisfied with too many of us being confused about the science and vulnerable to the strategies of ignore and deny. So we partner with artists, scientists and educators interested in creating a much more personal and inspiring connection to the extraordinary shared resource above us, within us and all around us. From the surface of the earth to the edge of space, how does our sky function? What are its vulnerabilities? And why should you care?

We integrate art and science

As artists the sky moves us to observe it, paint it, photograph it and write and sing about it. As scientists it stokes our curiosities and pushes us to understand how it functions. SkyDay initiatives combine art and science to challenge us to think in new ways about our relationship to the sky. 

we seek to build a global community

We want to encourage people to view themselves as members of a larger global community that must unite with a common will to protect our sky for the benefit of all.

Our Sky is the ultimate shared resource

Our sky wraps completely around our planet so everyone can see it and feel it. All you have to do is look up or breathe in. Yet this sharing of our sky presents us with great challenges since what we do to it in one place directly impacts our sky across the globe.

We are a nonpartisan educational platform

We work on behalf of everyone. We don’t endorse political parties and are not affiliated with any political group, organization, or lobbyist. We will decline funding from any individual or group interested in exerting political influence over our programs or content.  


Because we only have one sky

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