Sky Day FAQs

Do I have to have my Sky Day event on September 20? Or can I do it another time?
While International Sky Day is celebrated worldwide on September 20 don’t let the date worry you! Every day is a great Sky Day and we support Sky Days at all times of the year. All our initiatives are free and available 365 and 24/7. The important thing is to re-connect our communities to the precious natural resource that truly connects us all.

Who takes part?
Sky Day Project is an all ages citizen artwork. You can take part as an individual or as a group with your own Sky Gallery in the mosaic. Gallery sign up. Check out this list of responsible organization from all over the world who have already taken part.

“Thanks for everything you do! We've had outstanding conversations this year about the sky and climate change. Thank you for pointing the way!” - Paige Lunde, Art Teacher

How do we take part?
It's easy. Get outside and take some cool pictures of the sky while you think about the Sky Day Project themes. Then upload your sky photos directly at Or tweet them with #skydayproject. Either way works great. Want to participate as an individual?  Cool!  Learn about Sky Day Project for individuals. Got a group that wants its own gallery in the mosaic?  Awesome!  Request your own Sky Galley here

Are there any rules for posting sky photos?
Yes! We have ONE golden rule!  Make it all about the sky. The Sky Day Project challenge is to find a spot where your pictures will be about the sky ONLY - nothing else.  Any hint of people, lamp posts, mountains, horizons, trees etc. will get weeded out by our filters and will not get into the artwork. See short video for taking Sky Day Project Photos—>)  

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 8.27.12 AM.png

Can we post paintings and drawings instead of sky photos?
Yes! Just make sure to crop the image to show ALL sky like this —>

How do we find our gallery?
Just go to and click on the ‘Refine Gallery’ button top left. Once you find it feel free to explore! You can see what others have sent in, where they came from and filter the photos to change the way the gallery looks.

How many can I post?
As many as you like! If you have your own gallery you guys will want to post at least 100 to make it look great

Our Organization
Artist Ben Whitehouse created SkyDay to bring people of all ages together to learn about our sky, how it functions and what it's vulnerabilities are and come together across cultures and borders in a new spirit of ecological citizenship.  He is joined in this effort by NASA astronaut and artist Nicole Stott and Northwestern University climate scientist Daniel Horton.  With the input of talented artists, scientists, parents, educators, writers, child development experts and social scientists we are building SkyDay as an interactive educational platform to offer teachers, parents and kids imaginative lesson plans, inspiring ideas, great articles, innovative projects, forums for discussion and exciting opportunities for international collaboration. 

Follow us on social media where you can hear news about our crowd sourced interactive learning platform and our Sky Team. We'll share articles too about cool studies, research on our changing climate, brilliant ideas, exciting events and awesome citizens.  For pictures and inspiration please follow us on Instagram.  For news and SkyDayProject updates check us out on Twitter and Facebook.