Why SkyDay?


Why does SkyDay exist?  Why are we partnering with artists, scientists, educators and schools to create imaginative initiatives that challenge people to think about the sky in new ways and reflect on what it means to live under such a vital and shared resource? Why are we doing this?

Because we believe in the power of citizen art and citizen science to offer personal experiences that educate and inspire and we owe it to the next generation to find new ways of helping them understand what is going on up there and what is at stake for their future. We must encourage them to stop, look up, examine and reflect. We must challenge them to investigate the facts and draw their own conclusions. We must encourage imaginative approaches and creative problem solving and we must help them see that transitioning from a fossil fuel economy to a sustainable one - though challenging for sure - offers exciting opportunities for new leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.  And most importantly we must ready them to work together across cultures and borders because only by working together can positive outcomes be achieved. 

So that’s why we created SkyDay - to offer talented artists, scientists and educators who care the resources to create inspiring global initiatives that replace ignorance with understanding, division with collaboration, and despair with real hope for the future. Together we will ignite the most important social movement of our time.  

One People. One Planet. One Sky. 

Ben Whitehouse, Founder and Executive Director