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Coming soon. Climate and weather modules for middle schools.

In response to widely publicized reports that teachers seeking quality climate curriculum encounter propaganda instead and in response to this study, published in Nature Climate Change, that shows middle schoolers are not only capable of understanding complex concepts like climate change but also able to teach adults and encourage them to fight climate change, our team of highly regarded climate scientists is partnering with educators, artists and the authors of this study to give you free, trustworthy modules based on the most rigorous science.

Our first modules will be written for Midwestern middle schools and will walk classes through the difference between weather and climate, how the environment relates to animals where they live, how people who work with wildlife are helping the animals adapt to climate change in their area (if they can do so) and how an individual can directly affect the environment. There is an outdoor service project piece for which we will provide a list of excellent service providers in your area and a parent interview piece.

If you are a Midwestern middle school science teacher interested in learning more we would love to hear from you.

Ben Whitehouse
SkyDay ED