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Join caring people all over the world in building an inspiring citizen artwork that shows how many of us care about our climate and sky and want us to come together across cultures and borders to protect it for the benefit of all. From a Montessori school in Puerto Rico to astronauts on the International Space Station beautiful sky photos are coming in everyday. So join in! Think about what sky and climate mean to you while you take your sky photos and then upload them at . Encourage family and friends to join in too! Sky Day Project is interactive so enjoy exploring all there is to see!



Watch this short video on how to take awesome photographs for Sky Day Project.


How to take cool photographs
of the sky at night!


Nick and Meredith of Chicago’s Adler Planetarium show you how to take awesome night sky photos using a DSLR camera! Upload YOURS to Sky Day Project today! We can't wait to see them! Music by the Jim and the Povolos!