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Why not create a beautiful Sky Gallery as part of your Sky Day celebration? Sign up here. Family and friends will enjoy taking part too! Hint: Use this toolkit and take a week to build your Sky Gallery. Not only will you have more variety of sky to show but your Sky Gallery will stand as a dynamic record of how the sky looked over your school that week.

Help a local species struggling with climate change

Climate change isn’t coming. It’s already here and already damaging the habitats of beautiful species near you. So this Sky Day contact your local US Fish and Wildlife Service or your local Nature Conservancy to find out which animals and plants are struggling in your area and how you can help. You’ll be helping all of us humans too because everything on planet earth is inter-connected.

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Parent Interviews

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One of the best ways to help families with climate change is just to talk about it! Ask your students to talk interview their parents about weather and climate. Here is a sample questioniarre and then help them create a blog about what they learned. Did the conversation surprise them in any way?

Calculate your carbon footprint and offset your impact on the environment.

What's your carbon footprint? Add up the carbon emissions from your lifestyle choices, from the transportation you use, your diet and more using this new carbon footprint calculator from conservation .org. Then you will know the impact you are having on the environment and make smart choices, like offset your emissions by donating to worthy conservation efforts.

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Host a Sky Show and help with climate change

This idea from teachers Diane and Stephanie. Their students saw the sky photos sent in to Sky Day Project by a school in Puerto Rico just before they were hit by Hurricane Maria. They wanted to help so they painted sky paintings, exhibited them and then sold them to family and friends to raise money for that school. To which we say - Bravo! Why not do something similar yourself and donate the funds you raise to a worthy climate helping cause like donating to a carbon offsetting charity? The sky’s the limit to what you can do to help!

Plant a Tree
(Better yet, plant two)

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? And maybe you’ve hear it before? But the fact remains, if you really want to help counter the effects of all that carbon dioxide in the air then plant a tree or two for Sky Day. Trees can remove as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year. Learn more.

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Switch to a more
Climate Friendly Diet

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Shoot for the Moon

In this cool video Nick and Meredith of Chicago's Adler Planetarium show you how to take awesome night sky photos using a DSLR camera! Then upload yours to SkyDayProject! We can't wait to see them!

Write a Sky-ku

While a poem cannot scrub away the pollution in our atmosphere, no-one should underestimate the power of the written word. Sky-ku are inspired by haiku and are a beautiful way to express your thoughts and feelings about our amazing shared sky. Learn more