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We created SkyDay to offer schools K-12 excellent and free NGSS aligned curriculum on all things climate and sky. And we are now hard at work developing that curriculum. So stay tuned! Meanwhile check out our High School Science Explainers, our Middle School Sky Videos and our SkyDayProject and Sky-ku initiatives (suitable for children of all ages) And below is a link to an excellent research article published in Geoscience Communication by SkyDay’s own Dr. Sam Illingworth and his team. Sam is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). Definitely worth a read.

Representing the majority and not the minority: the importance of the individual in communicating climate change.


This research presents three case studies, through which a creative approach to developing dialogue around climate change is outlined. By working with three distinct communities and encouraging them to discuss and write poetry about how climate change affects them, we demonstrate how such an approach might be adopted at this level. By analysing the discussions and poetry that arose out of these workshops we show how this community-level approach to communicating climate change is an essential counterpart to widerscale quantitative research. The engagement of each community with climate change is dependent on the lived experiences of their members; a failure to recognize this results in less effective communications and can also cause communities to feel isolated and helpless. By considering the individual needs and aspirations of these communities we can support effective dialogue around the topic of climate change, and in doing so can better engender positive action against the negative effects of anthropogenic climate change.