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“I want to share my own story of how fun Sky Day has been. My daughter just HAD to take pictures of the clouds at sunset a few days ago, so we worked on getting it just so, and I told her I'd upload them for Sky Day. Since then, she's constantly looking up for cool things, and so am I!” 
- Sarah Cole, CEO, Glazer Children’s Museum

SkyDayProject is suitable for students of any age and an inspiring way to build a new community of learners and promote ecological citizenship. While most schools take part on and around Sky Day (September 21) the project is on-going and you can take part anytime that works for you. We began the project just before Sky Day 2017 and saw amazing participation worldwide. List. For Sky Day 2018 we had a three day event at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium and installations at art museums and science organizations elsewhere. We even installed SkyDayProject on the International Space Station with astros taking part from the other side of our magnificent sky!

SkyDayProject can be viewed on any device at so its easy to share your students amazing work with your larger community. So join in! Your school will also be helping us build an amazing library of sky photos for a free, interactive educational platform about the science of all things sky. 

Got a group that wants it's own gallery in the mosaic?  Awesome!  Sign up for your free gallery here 

SkyDayProject FAQS

Who is taking part?
Responsible educational organizations worldwide List

Can we only take part on Sky Day September 21?
SkyDayProject is open all year round and you can take part any time.

Any rules for taking the photos?
Yes!  Make your photo ALL about the sky!  (Day skies, night skies, clouds, eclipses, moons.... and everything in between).  No people, lamp posts, mountains, horizons, trees get the idea!  (See our video 'Easy Guidelines for taking SkyDayProject Sky Photos' —->)  Photos must be JPEG format

How do we view SkyDayProject and find our own gallery in it?
SkyDayProject is live and interactive at  New photos are arriving all the time.  Change how it looks by clicking on the 'Refine Gallery' button top left.  Find your group in the drop down menu. 

Our Organization
Artist Ben Whitehouse created SkyDay to bring people of all ages together to learn about our sky, how it functions and what it's vulnerabilities are and bring people together in a new spirit of ecological citizenship. He is joined in this effort by NASA astronaut and artist Nicole Stott, Northwestern University Climate Scientist Daniel Horton, University of Illinois Professor of Atmospheric Science and Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC  (a panel that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007!) Don Wuebbles and poet, performer and scientist Sam Illingworth.  With the input of talented artists, scientists, parents, educators, writers, child development experts and social scientists we are building SkyDay as an interactive educational platform to offer teachers, parents and kids imaginative lesson plans, inspiring ideas, great articles, innovative projects, forums for discussion and exciting opportunities for international collaboration. 

For pictures and inspiration please follow us on Instagram.  For news and SkyDayProject updates check us out on Twitter and Facebook.  

SkyDayProject is brought to you by Only One Sky, NFP