NGSS aligned curriculum K-12

SkyDay is dedicated to providing schools with inspiring NGSS aligned lesson plans on all things climate and sky. Except ours will also offer optional integrate art elements to make the classroom experience even more engaging. Below are the eight subject areas we will focus on. They were given to us by world renowned Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Illinois (and SkyTeam member) Dr. Don Wuebbles. Among his considerable contributions Dr. Wuebbles has served for many years as lead author for the IPCC, a committee that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work in 2007.

1.     Observations of climate change

2.    The underlying science of climate change

3.     Projections of climate change

4.     Changing trends in severe weather

5.     Changes in sea level

6.     The impacts of a changing climate on humans and ecosystems

7.     Reducing risks through adaptation

8.     Reducing risks through mitigation

We are currently hard at work creating those curriculum pieces. So stay tuned! Meanwhile if you have an idea for an NGSS aligned curriculum piece we would love to hear from you! Together, let's build a library of valuable classroom resources designed to promote a new level of scientific understanding and ecological citizenship!