Helping Sky day create free NGSS aligned lesson plans and projects for the world’s kids is an awesome gift to give the next generation! The more they know about how climate and sky functions, and what its vulnerabilities are, the better prepared they will be to navigate the social and political processes as adults.

Step One. Chose a phenomenon to talk about!

Sky Day Curriculum pieces always begin with phenomena. What is happening with climate and sky that we need our science to explain? So start by choosing something that can be observed, measured or wondered about, either through personal observation or by some other means (video?) This will be your starting point. Then ask your students why? Why is this happening? And why should we care? And let them start to figure it out (with teacher’s help, of course!)

A short conversation with Brain Reiser about the NGSS approach to teaching phenomena. (under 3 mins.)

Step Two. Bundle together the NGSS standards you want your lesson to satisfy. This is easy!

“Bundles" are groups of standards arranged together to create the endpoints for units of instruction. Bundle together the science standards (the performance expectations or “PEs” that are relevant to the phenomenon you want to teach about.

Step X. Submit your awesome lesson plan to us!

Send us your lesson plan here along with our two completed permissions forms - our Media Release and our Copyright License Agreement. Then we’ll submit it to our panel of NGSS experts for peer review. (Who knows? They may have something helpful to say :) Then we’ll get back to you and with a tweak or two (or not) and add your work to our collection of awesome lesson plan and projects. Note: Sky Day will not own your work. We just want permission to offer it to the world’s schools and celebrate your accomplishment!


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