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Take the Moon Shot Challenge!

Help us achieve our goal of 240,000 moon shots by July 24!
That’s a moon shot for every mile Apollo 11 travelled to the moon!

It’s easy!

(1) Invite your community to get out there and create some cool moon shots!

(2) Upload them to the 'Moon Shot' gallery in Sky Day Project in one of two super easy ways:

  • (a) Just go to, click the Upload Photos button top right and choose the Moon Shot gallery

  • (b) or tweet your moon shot with BOTH hashtags #SkyDayProject and #MoonShot.  Either way gets you in!

(3) Voila! You just shared your moon shot with the world!  Kids' photos, Grandma's photos, super duper professional photos, we can't wait to see them all!   

One golden rule - make sure your moon shots are sky and moon ONLY.
No trees, people, buildings, you get the idea!  Moon paintings and drawings are accepted :)

Want to take fancy moon shots? Our friends Nick and Meredith of Chicago’s Adler Planetarium show you how. Check it out!