Taking part in #SkyDayProject is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Find somewhere you can fully experience the sky (not as easy as it use to be, right?) and reflect on how beautiful and precious it is.  How it supports all life and protects us from the harshness of space. How it connects us all as one global family, living and breathing under one shared sky. Doesn’t it only stand to reason we should take great care of it for each other?

2. Document your experience by taking pictures of the sky. Make it your own. No-one sees the sky quite like you do. Just make sure your photos are ALL SKY - nothing else. (People, pets, buildings, horizons...anything not sky will be weeded out by our filters and won't get in)  Check out our video below offering "Easy Guidelines for Taking SkyDayProject Photos".

3. Upload your photo to the skydayproject.org artwork by clicking on the Upload Photos’ button top right. OR just tweet your photo using the hashtag #SkyDayProject.

And viola! You just showed you care about our sky and want us to come together across cultures and borders to protect it for the benefit of all. Now see your photo exhibited on-line as part of the amazing SkyDayProject