Host A Sky Day

Make Sky Day an educational celebration at your school or organization and we will create a Sky Gallery in Sky Day Project for all your sky photographs. Sky Day is September 20 but don’t let the date worry you! Host a Sky Day whenever works best for you. Check out more Sky Day activities here.

Sky Day for Younger Students

“I want to share my own story of how fun Sky Day has been. My daughter just HAD to take pictures of the clouds at sunset a few days ago, so we worked on getting it just so, and I told her I'd upload them for Sky Day. Since then, she's constantly looking up for cool things, and so am I!” - Sarah Cole, Mom and CEO of the Glazer Children’s Museum

Hosting Checklist

  • Find a good place to take pictures outside

  • Plan for a rain date

  • Gather devices to photograph and upload your photos

  • Create a Sky Gallery and upload your sky photos

  • Send us your event images!

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Photo Taking Guidelines

DO submit images of the sky at any time, day or night. We love to see sunsets, stormy skies, cloudless skies, stars or the moon at any phase!

DON’T look directly at the sun!

DON’T submit images that include any non-sky objects (dogs, buildings, mountains - you get the idea!)