Hey CBG and Adler friends!


Welcome to SkyDayProject! We're thrilled to be collaborating with you!  SkyDayProject is an art-meets-science initiative in which we invite you to use your vision to help us build an extraordinary library of sky photos. We will be developing this library into a free, interactive educational platform for teachers about all things sky. In fact SkyDayProject is already interactive!  You can find the CBG/Adler gallery (called 'Sky Day Chicago'), enlarge any photo for better viewing (yours too!) and filter it by country, sky mood and by number of images. And very soon we will be linking free educational content to it on the science of all things sky. Like this middle school video Why is the sky blue? for example, by Peter Puleo, a student of Daniel Horton's in the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Northwestern University. Dan's students are working hard to create more videos and texts for us on a whole range of sky related subjects. So please help us by doing your part!  Its quick and as easy as 1,2,3! 

Here’s what to do: 

1. Find a spot where you can photograph just the sky - NOTHING ELSE! (Trees, lamp posts, people etc. get weeded out by our filters and won’t get in)  Feel free to crop a favorite photo if you like!

2. Either upload your photo directly to the SkyDayChicago group at skydayproject.org OR Tweet it with BOTH hashtags #SkyDayProject #SkyDayChicago

3. (There isn't a number 3!)

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there! We can’t wait to see your pictures! And thank you from your friends at SkyDay!

Check out these helpful resources below: