Become a citizen artist! 


Join people all around the world by photographing the sky - and it's dynamic changes - and then tweeting your photos in to SkyDayProject. When you do you will be helping build an extraordinary citizen artwork AND helping build a library of sky photos worldwide that will form the basis of an interactive educational platform about the science of all things sky. SkyDayProject is already interactive.  Within it you can find your group, click on any sky photo to enlarge it for better viewing and filter it by country, mood (blue sky, grey sky, night sky etc.) and by number of images. Very soon we will start linking imaginative educational content to it on the science of all things sky like this video for middle schoolers - Why is the sky blue? by Peter Puleo.  Peter is currently a student of Daniel Horton's in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Northwestern University and he and his fellow students are working hard to create videos and texts on a range of sky related subjects for us to share.

So join in!  Its free and easy to do. Show the world how you see the sky and what it means to you!  From the surface of our planet to the edge of outer space our sky is a dynamic and constantly changing experience. It has to be one of the greatest shows on earth! And it is beautiful too, but not just to look at.  It is beautiful in the way it supports all life and protects us from the harshness of space.  And it isn't just something way up there above us but something all around us, within us and without us. It is the air we breathe and the water we drink. And maybe the most amazing thing about our sky is EVERYONE can see it and share it.  All you have to do is look up! So our sky is also beautiful in the way it connects us all as one global family, living and breathing under one, shared sky. It only stands to reason we should take great care of it for each other.

Use your creativity and your vision to document the sky's dynamic changes around you while you reflect on what the sky means to you and to all of us.  Make it your own.  No-one sees the sky quite like you do. Then ask your group leader how to tweet your sky photos to SkyDayProject and lend your creative voice to those calling for a better and more informed relationship to sky, planet and community. 

Want to take part as an individual?  Cool!  Click here!  Want to take part as a school or group with your own gallery on the mosaic?  Awesome!  Sign up here! 

Want to take part as an individual?  Cool!  Click here! 

Want to sign up a school or group with your own gallery?  Awesome!  Sign up here!