Join us on Sky Day (Sept 21) by encouraging visitors to take pictures of the sky and post them to our SkyDayProject gallery

On behalf of Chicago's great Adler Planetarium and all of us here at SkyDay we would LOVE to invite your community to join astronauts like Soyeon Yi , Richard Garriot and SkyDay’s own Nicole Stott , schools and planetariums around the world by taking part in SkyDayProject. It's free, super easy to do and the sole purpose is to inspire people to look up and take interest in what is going on up there! 

Posting to SkyDayProject is super easy and can be done simply by Tweeting with #SkyDayProject or by posting directly to the website.

Want your own gallery? Awesome! Fill out the form below and we’ll set one up for you!

Please note we only have ONE golden rule - 'Day or night - make it all about the sky!  No trees, people, get the idea!

in collaboration with the Adler Planetarium we are also offering you this inspiring two minute dome 'trailer' to encourage participation. Many planetariums are showing it after their regular dome shows.  Link to download available on request!


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Posting to your gallery can be done directly on our website at, or by using Twitter - or both! Using Twitter to post is super easy and is done by tagging posts with TWO hashtags - #SkyDayProject and a second # of your choice. So if you want to make Twitter posting an option for your gallery please tell us the second hashtag you want to use! It's that simple!
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Sky Day Project FAQs

When is Sky Day? 
Sky Day is September 21st (each year) and this is when most people take part in Sky Day Project. But that doesn't mean you need to limit your participation to just that day. Sky Day Project is open 24/7 and 365 days a year and many organizations use the weeks before (or after) to take part.  Whatever works for you 

Who takes part?  
Chicago's Adler Planetarium/The Staerkel Planetarium/ Delaware Contemporary/Cloud Appreciation Society (UK)/Lycee Claudel (Canada)/Northwestern University/Jeddah Astronomy Society/American Montessori Society/Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change (Philippines)/Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society/The Chicago Botanic Garden to name a few.

Talking of the Adler Planetarium, Annie Vedder and her team created a beautiful installation there last year over Sky Day weekend!  See below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.59.54 PM.png

How does participation work? 

Simply sign up with us (its free) and inviting your community to take part.  Posting of photos is done via Twitter or by posting directly to the website

Heres how we invite people to take part:

Grab a phone (or any device with a camera) and find a place where you can really experience our sky!  Use your creativity and your vision to document its dynamic changes in photography while you reflect on what our sky means to you. Make it your own!  No-one sees the sky quite like you do. Just remember our ONE golden rule:

Golden Rule #1 - Make it ALL about the sky. The challenge is to take yourself somewhere where you can photograph just sky - NOTHING else. Not always so easy nowadays, right?  Clouds?  Yes!  Sun, moon and stars? You bet!  Is it ok if there is a little plane up there or a flock of birds? Sure!  If you can see it when you look up, that's what we're interested in!  But pictures with twigs, lamp posts, buildings, people... etc., those photos will get snagged in our filters and won't get in.  So crop those elements out!   

How do we view SkyDayProject?
SkyDayProject is live on-line at and is interactive check out the 'Refine Gallery' menu 

How do we exhibit Sky Day Project?
It's as easy as connecting a screen/projector up to the url.  See above installation at the Adler Planetarium.

How many photos can we tweet? 
As many as you like!  And everyone you tell your group's tags to can tweet their sky photos from any device 

Our Organization
Artist Ben Whitehouse created Sky Day and Sky Day Project to bring people of all ages together to learn about our sky, how it functions and what it's vulnerabilities are and come together across cultures and borders in a new spirit of ecological citizenship.  He is joined in this effort by amazing astronaut and artist Nicole Stott, Northwestern University's awesome climate scientist Daniel Horton and University of Illinois superstar climate scientist and lead IPCC author Don Wuebbles. With the input of artists and scientists we are building an interactive educational platform to offer schools, parents and kids inspiring ideas, innovative projects and exciting opportunities for international collaboration.