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We are developing an exciting NGSS aligned curriculum!

Inspired by the principles of NGSS, and particularly its emphasis on doing science rather than learning about science, we want to be your go-to source for inspiring NGSS aligned curriculum on climate and sky. K-12. Our projects will offer integrated art elements as well. Leading Atmospheric Scientist Don Wuebbles has given us eight areas of enquiry and we are now growing our curriculum team. Want to help with this initiative? Please let us know.  Learn more.

Sky Day 2019 is September 20th!
How will 
you celebrate Sky Day? 

Sky Day is a global celebration of our magnificent sky designed to bring us all together to reflect on how beautiful our sky is. And not just beautiful to look at but beautiful in the way it supports all life and protects us from the harshness of space. How it isn’t something just way up there above us, but all around us. in our schools and offices. Within us and without us. It is the air we breathe and the water we drink. But maybe the most amazing thing about our sky is the way it wraps completely around our planet, connecting us all as one global family living and breathing under one share sky. Doesn’t it only stand to reason we should take great care of it for each other?

So how will you celebrate Sky Day? Photograph it for SkyDayProject? Organize a sustainability fair in your community? Or simply look up and reflect on how important our sky and climate are to us all? Whatever you decide to do for Sky Day let us know so we can celebrate you and your community on our events page and in our social  media!  We can't wait to hear from you!

Want to have a Sky Day on your own schedule? Awesome!

Let's face it, every day is a Sky Day. For example, this spring we are partnering with Go Green Wilmette to use SkyDayProject to build community around their March 10 Sustainability Fair. And some Middle and Elementary schools have asked if they could have a Sky Day at other times of the year so we created these toolkits to make that super easy to do: Middle Schools and Elementary Schools. Everything you need is there.

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