Only One Sky seeks to inspire a new level of ecological citizenship around the world.

Through our interactive educational platform Sky Day Project and our library of art-science projects we provide schools, parents and kids with insightful lesson plans, inspiring ideas, innovative projects and exciting opportunities for international collaboration. 

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Ben Whitehouse  Executive Director, Sky Team member

Ben is a British visual artist and founder of Only One Sky and the Sky Day Project initiative. A student of poet Maya Angelou (Wake Forest) and painter Vera Klement (University of Chicago) Ben’s paintings and videos have been exhibited nationally and internationally at over twenty museums and galleries and have been positively reviewed in Artforum, New Art Examiner, Chicago Tribune and elsewhere. Ben was inspired to create Sky Day Project after hearing Yo-Yo Ma advocate for the role of Citizen Artist at Ideas Fest in 2013. “What,” Mr. Ma asked,  “is the largest challenge facing your neighborhood, city or country? And how can you, as an artist, contribute to a solution?”.  Sky Day Project is Ben’s response.

Judy Grimmer  Board Member

Judy serves as Deputy General Counsel at BDO USA, LLP.  She manages the operations of the Office of the General Counsel, and provides oversight of the Firm’s litigation, regulatory, transactional, and employment related legal services.  Judy has been practicing law for 24 years, including several years as a litigator of general civil and employment law claims.  She has served on the board of RVA in Chicago and is a founding member of BDO Counts – BDO’s Task Force for corporate giving.

Sascha Bopp  Board Member

Sascha is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Blueprint Robotics, a company with the goal of helping to bring the home building industry into n exciting new stage of technological innovation.  Heading a wide range of responsibilities that include marketing, finance, HR, and IT, Sascha believes that the strategic potential of the company knows few limits as it breaks new ground in an industry that is ready for significant transformation.  

Having extensive experience as a senior executive in a wide range of industries, markets and cultures, Sascha served as the Chief Operating Officer and later Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago based Crate and Barrel from 2009 to 2014.  In this leadership role he was responsible for 110 company-owned stores in North America, on line sales, franchising operation in 10 countries, as well as the company's sister brands CB2 and Land of Nod.

Sascha earned his Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.  He is fluent in English, German and French.

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Nicole Stott  

Seeing Earth from space, Nicole had an epiphany.  In awe of the overwhelming beauty of our home planet she knew she would dedicate the rest of her life sharing that experience with others.  She believes that sharing this perspective has the power to increase everyone's appreciation for an obligation to care for our home planet and each other.

Nicole is a veteran astronaut with two spaceflights and 104 days living and working in space on both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS).  She was the 10th woman to perform a spacewalk, the first person to fly the robotic arm to capture the free flying HTV cargo vehicle, the last crew member to fly to and from their ISS mission on the Space Shuttle, and she was a crew member for the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery, STS-133.  Always an Artist, Nicole brought a small watercolor set with her to the ISS.  She is the first Astronaut to paint in space.  She is also a NASA Aquanaut and holds the Women's World Record for saturation diving following her 18-day mission with the NEEM09 crew on the Aquarius undersea habitat.

After 27 years with NASA, she is on her next adventure as a full-time artist and SciArt Education Advocate.   Through her artwork, she shares the awesome beauty and impressions she was blessed to experience through the windows of her spacecraft.  She also continues to promote the amazing things we're doing every day in space that benefit us all right here on Earth. 

Daniel Horton  

Daniel Horton is an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Sciences at Northwestern University.  He is a climate scientist with diverse research interests including: climate impacts and extremes, detection and attribution of recent climatic, and deep-time paleoclimatology.  Prior to Northwestern, Daniel spent four years as a postdoctoral scholar in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University, earned his PhD in geological sciences at the University of Michigan, and obtained bachelors degrees in atmospheric science and physics from Texas A&M and Tulane University, respectively.  Between undergraduate and graduate stints he served five years in the U.S. Air Force as a weather officer and operational meteorologist.


Ben Whitehouse, artist

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